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  1. LOL... A while back, I was talking about Maradona with a Brazilian friend and he told me, "Maradona should have been a Brazillian" ... That makes me smirk a little.

    But I can confirm that Brazillians have a thing with Argentina, everytime we talk about soccer. Everyone seems to have something bad to say about a Argentine player.
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  2. should I remind you who was Pele's favorite to win 2002 ? China and/or S.Koria , lol
    I agree that Brazilians have the rights to hate Argentine (1978 , bought a game form Peru , although I think Argentina had their best team then : Kempes , Luka , Ardilas , Bertoni , Pasarela...).
    There is also some kind of investigation of their 1990 match ( blaming Argentina).
    IMO , Argentine have of the best midfield right now ; a lot of talent
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  3. andread


    Yeah, well, I'm afraid he might be disappointed, although things are settling now.

    How is it that Brazilians always see their team winning? :)

    I'm sorry, I would remove Germany. They play at home, but they have a very bad team. Instead, I would put France, Holland, and (sorry) Argentina.
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    May 25, 2006

    SouthAmerica: For the second time Cafu will be the captain of the Brazilian soccer team during a world cup – he was the Brazilian captain in South Korea/Japan in 2002, and he will be the captain once again in Germany.

    Below is a list of the captain of the Brazilian national soccer team in each world cup since 1930.


    A Folha de Sao Paulo – May 25, 2006
    “Confirmado como capitão, Cafu iguala marca histórica na seleção”
    ANDRÉ LUÍS NERY - da Folha Online
    Editor de Esporte da Folha Online, em Weggis

    Recordista de jogos com a camisa da seleção brasileira, o lateral-direito Cafu será o segundo jogador da história a começar como capitão da equipe nacional em duas Copas do Mundo seguidas.

    Antes de Cafu, apenas o meia Martim Silveira foi o capitão do Brasil na estréia em duas Copas consecutivas. O jogador gaúcho foi o líder da equipe no primeiro jogo nos Mundiais da Itália-1934 e da França-1938.

    Após ostentar a braçadeira no pentacampeonato em 2002, Cafu foi confirmado nesta quinta-feira, em Weggis (Suíça), pelo técnico Carlos Alberto Parreira como capitão da seleção para o Mundial-2006.

    "Algumas pessoas vêem nossos laterais como velhos. eu vejo sob outro ângulo. Pra mim, eles são experientes. Isso conta muito em uma Copa do Mundo. O Cafu vai ser o titular e capitão da seleção", disse Parreira.

    Cafu, que faz 36 anos no dia 19 de junho, um dia após o jogo do Brasil contra a Austrália, pela segunda rodada do Grupo F, disputou 144 jogos (138 oficiais) pela seleção, segundo a CBF.

    O zagueiro Bellini, que foi o capitão da seleção na conquista do primeiro título, em 1958, na Suécia, também usou a braçadeira na estréia em 1966, na Inglaterra, mas não em dois Mundiais consecutivos.

    No título de 1962, no Chile, o zagueiro Mauro foi o capitão brasileiro. Apesar de ser lembrado como o capitão do tetra, o volante Dunga não começou com a braçadeira nos EUA-1994.

    Em 1994, Parreira havia designado o meia Raí como capitão nos três primeiros jogos. Dunga, que seria o capitão em 1998, assumiu a braçadeira na Copa dos EUA nas oitavas-de-final.

    Capitães do Brasil em estréias de Copa
    1930 - Preguinho
    1934 - Martim Silveira
    1938 - Martim Silveira
    1950 - Augusto
    1954 - Bauer
    1958 - Bellini
    1962 - Mauro
    1966 - Bellini
    1970 - Carlos Alberto
    1974 - Wilson Piazza
    1978 - Rivellino
    1982 - Socrátes
    1986 - Edinho
    1990 - Ricardo Gomes
    1994 - Raí
    1998 - Dunga
    2002 - Cafu

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  5. USA!!! Of course we are not going to win it, but hopefully do well to keep the dream of Americans starting to enjoy soccer alive.
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    May 29, 2006

    SouthAmerica: What is wrong with these people?

    I guess there are crazy people everywhere.

    The first game of Brazil in the 2006 World Cup will be played in Berlin. I hope the Germans can get their act together and are able to protect all the teams participating in the 2006 World Cup – and they should give special attention to the Brazilian national team during the entire tournament.


    “Berlin stabbings raise World Cup security fears”
    By Hugh Williamson in Berlin
    Published: May 29, 2006
    The Financial Times - UK

    The organisers of next month’s football World Cup in Germany said on Sunday that security arrangements could be tightened after a knife-wielding man stabbed 35 people during a public event in central Berlin.

    Six people needed emergency surgery after the attack on Friday evening. One of the first victims was an Aids sufferer, police said on Saturday, raising concerns that other victims could have been infected. Health officials said this was unlikely, however.

    Helmut Spahn, security chief of Germany’s World Cup organising committee, said the incident would be assessed “to assure we have done absolutely everything possible [to protect fans]; we must remain flexible”.

    Police and politicians on Sunday warned of possible attacks at the 300 open-air match screenings planned in city centres and town squares across Germany during the month-long tournament starting on June 9.

    Big screenings in Berlin and elsewhere are expected to attract more than 100,000 people to some matches, and the police trade union on Sunday night called for security checks on fans as they enter the screening zones.

    The stabbings occurred apparently at random over a 16-minute period late on Friday night on busy streets in Berlin’s government district, as hundreds of thousands of people left an open-air gala marking the opening of Berlin’s new central station.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel, who had been guest of honour at the station opening, said the attacks were a “terrible event” and announced steps to increase security co-ordination with Germany’s regional states and with the embassies of the 31 countries that, besides Germany, are playing in the tournament.

    Wolfgang Schäuble, interior minister, encouraged visiting fans not to panic, stressing that Friday’s attack was not linked to the World Cup.

    A Berlin teenager with no criminal record has been charged with 24 counts of attempted murder, and could face a youth sentence of up to five years in prison.

    Friday’s incident added to existing concern in Germany over violence during the World Cup, after a series of apparently racially motivated attacks in eastern Germany, and complaints over failure to integrate foreigners into Germany society.

    Last week far-right supporters in Weimar, south-west of Berlin, attacked a private party organised by foreigners living in the city, injuring several people.

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    May 31, 2006

    SouthAmerica: Last Monday (the Memorial Day holiday in the US) I was invited for a barbecue at the house of some friends – they had a bunch of other Brazilian guests also at that party.

    We talked a lot about soccer and the coming world cup in Germany. I told this group of mostly Brazilians that this is the first time since 1970 that I thought Brazil had an outstanding team that should win the world cup. The other world cups since 1970, Brazil had some very good teams in most cups, but this time around we have a bunch of superstars such as Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Adriano, Cafu, Roberto Carlos, Dida, Emerson, Robinho, and so on…

    Brazil should not lose this world cup with this team, and so much raw talent.

    Then I was surprised with my compatriots’ negative feelings about this world cup. Many of them think that Brazil is not going to win this world cup. They think that the big shots at FIFA, or the big soccer sponsors will not let that happen. (By the way, most of them think that Brazil lost to France in 1998 because they were asked to lose that game – that is why that was the worst game I ever saw the Brazilian national team play in any world cup.)

    I hope my friends are wrong, and there is no fixing games in this world cup – like they have been doing in the Italian league in the last two seasons – Brazil does not need to fix any games to beat any team from any other country to become world cup champion once again.

    If anyone does try to fix the world cup final game (FIFA, the big soccer sponsors, or anyone else) – the Brazilian players should ignore it and they should win the game anyway - even if they were told to lose it.

    It is an honor to be a member of the Brazilian national soccer team and be able to represent Brazil against the rest of the world and I hope the Brazilian players never forget that.

    I still very confident and believe that Brazil will win this world cup.

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  8. Wow, five years. That's justice for you....
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    Hapaboy: Wow, five years. That's justice for you....


    SouthAmerica: The worse part is that this kid probably did spread AIDS to all these people.

    This kid must be crazy anyway for him to do such a thing to all these people.

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  10. Yes , an excellent team and definetly favorite to win , but best team since 1970 ? I think the 1982 team ( with Zico , Eder , Socrates and the rest) was better. This scum Sergihno missed at least 10 scoring chances ; he is the worst Brazilian national player I ever saw ( and Dunga is right there next to him)
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