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  1. It's obvious that the team that goes to the finals will edge the top scorer honours. So I doubt that the Swede duo will get the position. They may try to get the goal lead while in the 3 game group league but considering they're playing England, Trinidad&Tobago, and Paraguay. It's very doubtful.

    England has one of the best defensive line in the competition. So it makes it 2 games to save up some goals. And if they finish 2nd in the group they will play 1st in the Group A, which will probably be Germany.

    On the other hand Brazil will has Japan, Aussie, and Croatia. Brazillians can rack up a lot of points from all of the 3 countries. Then play Group E's 2nd place which is most likely US or Czechs. (Italy going through 1st in Group E). There's a big edge on Brazilians compared to the Swedes.

    Italians have the leftovers from Brazil and whatever team comes up, they won't be contenders for Italy. Italians have a better edge.

    As for best player... that's hard... after watching the Champions League Cup... Ronaldinho's momentum doesn't seem to faded... Because the contenders are picked from players in the semi-final teams... I'd also consider...

    Barrack... (like Schiallici's 1990 award... they lose to Argentina via Penalty Shoot Out... causing a big drama for the host country)

    Zidane... (OK... he's a bit old but still a living/playing legend... If France goes through Group G in 1st they'll play Ukraine, Tunisia or Saudi... which they can hopefully win... this really depends on Henry who seems to fade during international matches...)

    Totti... (He just recovered from an injury but he's still Totti)

    I've still got like 20 players who's can possibly get the Golden Ball...

    Hard... very hard decision...
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  2. my only rational to go with Sweds was based on two very weak teams in their : Paraguay and Trinida&Tabago. I have a feeling that one of the Sweds will score 3+ in one of the matches (like Klose did vs S.Arabia in 02). My first choice was C. Ronaldo from Portugal that plays Angola , Iran and Mexico ( can you belive this group ???) , but I cannot find his odds and Pauleta is too old.
    Again , this is about risk/reword ; odds are 40+ to 1
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  3. Well... Mexico has a strong squad. They always cause some drama in the competition and especially with Germany. Being in Germany this year, I think they're up to something. Especially, they always... ALWAYS... play a very rough match... Fouling, injuring, geez... they play really rough... Should be fun how they turn out this competition...

    But eventually it'll be Mexico/Portugal vs Argentina/Holland...
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  4. true , Germany always rough ... I like Schwensteinger and Podolsky , plus looks like Klinsman is always gettng to the top...Maybe this time as a coach
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    SouthAmerica: 2006 World Cup in Germany

    You can see the Groups & Standings at the following location:


    You can see the Calendar at: (All Matches displayed in Local Time)


    You can see the Match Schedule at the following location:


    You can see the Match Schedule - Stage 2 - at the following location:


    Scoreboard and games in progress:


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    May 23, 2006

    SouthAmerica: I still very confident that the Brazilian national team will win the 2006 World Cup.

    But when I was young and Pele was playing for Brazil – every time Brazil played against any team from around the world I was always sure Brazil was going to win.

    When Pele was playing for Brazil I had no doubt that Brazil was going to win the game. In those days Brazil was a sure bet – and Pele was the difference.

    Today Brazil has a number of great players and they make a terrific national team, but we don’t have the magic of Pele.


    AP – Associated Press – May 23, 2006
    “Brazil Not Too Comfortable As Favorite”
    By TALES AZZONI, Associated Press Writer

    SAO PAULO, Brazil - Very few people are betting against Brazil at the World Cup.

    The Brazilians have so many of the best players in the world, own a record five World Cup titles and carry the greatest aura in soccer. The national team has won two of the last three titles, losing in the other final — and is coming off a successful 2005 season.

    There's no denying Brazil is heavily favored to win the tournament in Germany. The Brazilians acknowledge that — as do most of their opponents.

    The Brazilians, however, will be the first to point out that things won't be as simple as they look.

    "It's true that we have great chances to win the World Cup," coach Carlos Alberto Parreira said. "But that doesn't mean it's a done deal. We still need to play the matches and win them. And we know that's not going to be easy.

    All teams will be trying their best to beat the defending champions."

    Brazil is as strong a favorite as ever. In addition to comfortably leading FIFA's world rankings since 2002, Brazil won the 2004 Copa America and last year's Confederations Cup. It also finished first in the South American World Cup qualifying group, ahead of rival Argentina.

    The team will be led by two-time FIFA Player of the Year Ronaldinho, and he will be supported by all-stars including Kaka, Ronaldo, Adriano, Cafu, Robinho and Roberto Carlos.

    "We have a very strong team, very technical and experienced," said Ronaldo, the hero of the 2002 title team.

    Brazil's World Cup record is unmatchable. It has reached the semifinals in 10 of the 17 World Cups since the competition started in 1930, and is the only team to have played in every tournament. It was runner-up twice.

    Brazil has played 87 World Cup matches, winning 60 (including the last seven), tying 14 and losing only 13. It has outscored its opponents 191-82.

    But no matter how good Brazil may be, history shows it could have a hard time in Germany.

    After winning its first two titles in 1958 and 1962, Brazil was heavily favored to clinch a third in 1966 in England. Even with Pele in his prime, the team played poorly and was eliminated early.

    Another disappointment took place at the 1974 World Cup in West Germany, after Brazil's dazzling campaign to win its third title in the 1970 tournament in Mexico. This time without Pele, Brazil was eliminated by the Netherlands and finished fourth.

    "Several times the favorites came back home early," Parreira said. "Just remember France and Argentina in 2002, they had chances to win the title, but were knocked out early."

    In 1982 in Spain, Brazil assembled a great team with stars including Zico, Socrates and Falcao. The team enchanted fans and cruised through the first two rounds, then was shocked 3-2 by Italy when it needed only a tie to advance.

    By contrast, Brazil's fourth and fifth titles came when it was not heavily favored. In 1994, with Parreira in command, Brazil surprised many en route to the championship in the United States. And in 2002, the Brazilians won despite limping into the tournament in South Korea and Japan, clinching a berth only in its final qualifying match.

    “When a national team is too superior than another technically, things can get out of control," Pele said recently. "The other team will enter the field knowing they have to play their best. They will play harder to try to overcome their disadvantage."

    Everyone will be aiming for the five-time champions. If Brazil wins a sixth title, it will be at least another 12 years before another country could match it — and Germany or Italy would have to win all the World Cups through '18.

    "All teams that made it to the World Cup finals play at a very high level, and all of them will be extra motivated to try to beat Brazil," Ronaldinho said.

    The Europeans will have a slight edge with the tournament being played on the continent. European nations have won eight of the nine World Cups played there. But the one outsider to win in Europe was Brazil in 1958 in Sweden.

    In its 19 matches since 2005, Brazil has lost only three times, but all of the losses came against potential World Cup opponents. It fell 3-1 to Argentina and 1-0 to Ecuador in South American World Cup qualifying, and 1-0 to Mexico in the Confederations Cup.

    This year, Brazil is in Group F with Croatia, Australia and Japan, hardly the most challenging division.

    Brazil and Croatia tied the only two times they played, including 1-1 in an exhibition game last August.

    The Brazilians have a winning record against Australia, but the Aussies beat Brazil 1-0 the last time the teams met, in the 2001 Confederations Cup in South Korea. That Brazil squad wasn't close in quality to this one.

    The defending champions have five wins in seven matches against Japan. The teams tied the other two times, including 2-2 in the Confederations Cup last year in Germany.

    So Brazil's players are cautious. "This could be one of the most even World Cups ever," Ronaldo said.

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    May 24, 2006

    SouthAmerica: Out of the 23 players who will participate of the 2006 world cup games in Germany – 11 Brazilian players are world champions from 2002.

    Emerson did play for Brazil in the 1998 world cup in France, and the remaining 11 players are going to participate in a world cup for the first time.

    Here is the list of Brazilian players who will play for Brazil during the 2006 World Cup in Germany:

    O Brasil, que está no Grupo F, estréia no Mundial no dia 13 de junho, contra a Croácia, na cidade de Berlim. Os outros integrantes da chave são Austrália e Japão.

    Dida (Milan-ITA)
    Júlio César (Inter de Milão-ITA)
    Rogério Ceni (São Paulo)

    Cicinho (Real Madrid-ESP)
    Cafu (Milan-ITA)
    Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid-ESP)
    Gilberto (Hertha Berlim-ALE)

    Lúcio (Bayern de Munique-ALE)
    Juan (Bayer Leverkusen-ALE)
    Cris (Lyon-FRA)
    Luisão (Benfica-POR)

    Emerson (Juventus-ITA)
    Zé Roberto (Bayern de Munique-ALE)
    Gilberto Silva (Arsenal-ING)
    Edmílson (Barcelona-ESP)
    Kaká (Milan-ITA)
    Ronaldinho (Barcelona-ESP)
    Juninho Pernambucano (Lyon-FRA)
    Ricardinho (Corinthians)

    Ronaldo (Real Madrid-ESP)
    Robinho (Real Madrid-ESP)
    Adriano (Inter de Milão-ITA)
    Fred (Lyon-FRA)


    Ao anunciar nesta segunda-feira a lista de 23 jogadores para a Copa da Alemanha, que começa no próximo mês, o treinador incluiu 11 jogadores campeões do mundo na Coréia do Sul e no Japão, outros 11 que farão sua estréia num Mundial, mais Emerson, que disputou a Copa de 1998.

    … Entre os chamados por Parreira, Cafu e Ronaldo são os jogadores mais experientes do grupo -- vão para a quarta Copa do Mundo consecutiva. Ambos serão titulares pela terceira vez seguida, no Mundial da Alemanha, se as condições físicas permitirem, como o próprio treinador admitiu.


    If you want to compare the list of Brazilian soccer players with the players who played during the 2002 World Cup then check the following website:

    List of Brazilian soccer players – 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan.


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    May 24, 2006

    SouthAmerica: If you are interested in finding out what odds the English bookmakers are giving for each country that will participate in the 2006 World Cup in Germany – you can check it at the following website:


    They have all kinds of odds for different things. For example: Ronaldo is the favorite to be the highest goal scorer of the tournament at 10/1.

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  9. andread


    Italy hasn't been doing very well lately. Lot of pressure because of the ongoing investigations.
    Many people want the manager to resign.
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    SouthAmerica: Reply to Andread

    Before the scandal regarding the Italian soccer league broke out – Pele said that the Italian team was very good and had a chance to go all the way.

    In Pele’s opinion the Italian team is one the best teams participating in the world cup in Germany.

    Just like Brazil – the Germans and Italians know how to win games and you should never write them off because they are not playing well - these teams still can manage to go all the way.

    A perfect final game for me in the 2006 World Cup will be:

    Brazil X Germany or Italy.

    I don’t like when Brazil loses a soccer game to any other country – but the only country that really makes me mad is when Brazil loses to Argentina. Argentina is Brazil’s number enemy inside a soccer field and most Brazilians that I know feels the same way. When Brazil plays Argentina it feels like being in a real war.

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