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    May 17, 2006

    SouthAmerica: Most soccer fans are counting the days to the start of the 2006 World Cup Tournament in Germany.

    There are 32 teams in the final World Cup Tournament, but this tournament started over 2 years ago and 205 countries participated on this tournament. It took two years of eliminations to get to the final 32 teams.

    I hope Brazil will win one more World Cup, but at this level anything can happen.

    The World Cup starts on June 9, 2006 and goes to July 9, 2006.

    This is the last FIFA soccer ranking before the start of the World Cup in Germany. (FIFA latest ranking as of May 17, 2006)

    Most Americans have no idea that the United States is ranked number 5 in the world. You can see the entire ranking of the 205 countries in the following website.


    By the way, Israel (49) and Iraq (52) are very close on the FIFA world rakings – maybe they should play on a tournament of soccer to see which country is better in soccer – they can organize a soccer tournament at Giants Stadium in New Jersey in the fall. They also could add to that special soccer tournament the United States (5) and Iran (23). The most interesting game of such a soccer tournament would be Israel X Iran.


    “México sobe no ranking da Fifa, e Brasil continua líder”
    O ranking da Fifa, divulgado nesta quarta-feira, apresentou poucas alterações e teve como principal novidade a seleção do México, que ganhou duas posições.

    Os mexicanos subiram da sexta para a quarta posição, com 758 pontos. Com isso, os Estados Unidos caíram da quarta para a quinta colocação, empatados em pontos com a Espanha, ambos com 756 pontos.

    O Brasil continua isolado na liderança, com 827 pontos, contra 772 da República Tcheca, segunda colocada. A Holanda permanece na terceira colocação, com 768 pontos.

    Adversárias do Brasil na primeira fase da Copa do Mundo, as seleções da Croácia e da Austrália subiram posições no ranking da Fifa.

    A seleção croata, rival do Brasil na estréia, no dia 13 de junho, ganhou uma posição e é a atual 23ª colocada, com 686 pontos, ao lado da seleção do Irã.

    A Austrália subiu duas posições e ocupa o 42ª lugar do ranking, com 612 pontos. O país será o segundo adversário do Brasil na Copa, em jogo que acontecerá no dia 18 de junho.

    Já o Japão, terceiro adversário do Brasil, perdeu uma posição é agora é o 18º colocado, com 705 pontos.

    Confira os dez primeiros colocados:

    1. Brasil - 827 pontos (0)
    2. República Tcheca - 772 (0)
    3. Holanda - 768 (0)
    4. México - 758 (+2)
    5. Estados Unidos - 756 (-1)
    5. Espanha - 756 (0)
    7. Portugal - 750 (+1)
    8. França - 749 (-1)
    9. Argentina - 746 (-1)
    10. Inglaterra - 741 (0)

  2. Yes, but the US drew into the Group of Death this Cup; Group E:
    (2) Czech Republic
    (5) USA
    (13) Italy
    (48) Ghana

    No other group has more than 2 teams ranked in the top 20. Barring complete disaster, Brazil should not even be challenged until the 2nd round; which they will no doubt have fresh legs for by playing subs in their last Group F game. In which case, they will play the runner-up in Group E; who will be completely exhausted because, traditionally, games to determine runner-ups in the Group of Death come down to the last group match. Noone in Group E will play with subs because noone wants to be the runner-up and have to play Brazil in the 2nd round.

    While this may be the very best USA team ever, the odds have never been this bad for them either. But like you said; at this level anything can happen.
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    Riserburn: Yes, but the US drew into the Group of Death this Cup; Group E:

    (2) Czech Republic
    (5) USA
    (13) Italy
    (48) Ghana


    May 19, 2006

    I don’t agree with you.

    I wish Brazil were playing with a stronger group of countries, because that makes your team sharper and ready to confront anyone on the following rounds.

    Sometimes by playing with weaker teams keeps the team unprepared to play with the big guns.

    As a matter of fact I don’t care which team Brazil plays with I have full confidence that Brazil can beat any other team in the world.

    But sometimes you have surprises like in the final of the world cup of 1950 – Brazil was the favorite to win and ended up losing to Uruguay. And in 1998 when I thought Brazil was going to win the world cup in France. (By the way, that final game in France was the worse game I ever saw the Brazilian national team play at any time).

    I am sure we will have many surprises during this world cup – I just hope that the surprises does not happen against Brazil.

    I am very confident that Brazil will be playing in the final. And if I have to pick a team right now I would pick Germany.

    The German national team has not been playing well and most people expect that they will be eliminated before the final rounds. But I still believe that they will put their act together and will manage to get to the final against Brazil.

    World Cup final in 2006: Brazil X Germany

    And Brazil will be the World Cup champion once again.

  4. The biggest surprise was in 1982 in Spain and not 1950. This was the second best Brazilian team ever ( 1970 was the best) ; how could a twenty year old beat them all by himself ?
  5. and I would of recall Romario instead of Ronaldo or Adriano ( both are bad lately). Hey , SA , is this true that his ego is bigger than Brazil national debt ? Sounds impossible , lol
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    TV Trader: The biggest surprise was in 1982 in Spain and not 1950. This was the second best Brazilian team ever (1970 was the best); how could a twenty year old beat them all by himself?


    May 19, 2006

    SouthAmerica: My stepfather told me many times over the years the story of what happened in the world cup of 1950 he was at the stadium when Brazil lost to Uruguay in the final.

    In 1950 my stepfather had some privileges and he knew what was happening regarding soccer in Brazil since his father was the president of “Sao Paulo Futebol Club” one of the major soccer teams in Brazil.

    Until the late 1960's Brazil had only two major soccer centers in Brazil - Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro - These were the only leagues that could support the good soccer players - and most Brazilian soccer players played on these two leagues - it was very rare for a soccer player to play on another country for a foreign league.

    Brazil was the favorite to win the 1950 world cup and everybody thought the title was in the bag. They were so confident that a popular politician in Rio de Janeiro who was running for reelection did throw a party to commemorate the victory at the world cup the day before the final game. The Brazilian players were present at that party and they had a great time – the only problem is that the following day when they had to play the game they all had hangovers and they did not have legs in the second half of the game.

    Uruguay did beat Brazil 2 x 1 in front 220,000 people at Maracanã soccer stadium in Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilians were in shock at the end of the game and the entire stadium was quiet like a big funeral.

    The lesson for Brazil from the 1950 world cup was: never commemorate your win on the day before.


    According to Pelé – the greatest soccer player of all time – the best Brazilian national team of all time was the 1958 team. (I agree with Pelé)

    The 1958 team did play with 5 players in the attack and by the number of their jerseys you knew what position a player was playing.

    # 11 Left wing – Zagallo

    # 10 Meia-esquerda - Pelé

    # 9 Centro Avante – Vavá
    # 8 Meia- direita – Didi

    # 7 Left wing - Garrincha

    These five players could beat any team at any time just look at the 1958 world cup these group of players did score a lot of goals.


    TV Trader: and I would of recall Romario instead of Ronaldo or Adriano ( both are bad lately). Hey , SA , is this true that his ego is bigger than Brazil national debt ? Sounds impossible , lol


    SouthAmerica: Romario just got a new job with a team from Miami Fl. A few weeks ago – he is playing soccer here in one of the US. Soccer leagues. Besides Romario is getting too old to play in the Brazilian national team – he is 36 years old today.

    Ronaldo always surprised me when you think he is finished – he makes a come back – I will not be surprised if he has a good world cup since that will be his last change to tie Pelé’s 3 world cup titles.

    Adriano is a great player and he will play well during the world cup – he plays for Inter of Milan of the Italian soccer league, but he has no quality players around him on that team. When he plays for the Brazilian national team he will be playing with the best players in the world around him – and you will see that his performance will improve drastically.

    What do you mean when you said: “Hey, SA , is this true that his ego is bigger than Brazil national debt ? Sounds impossible, lol”

    Don’t forget Brazil has been paying a big chunk of its national debt. Today your comment is implying that he has a small ego.

  7. and what about 70th :
    Pele , Tostao , Zhairzinio , Rivelino , Gerson , A. Carlos ?
    Superstar in every position , 6 games 6 wins and three goals per average against all good teams.
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    SouthAmerica: The 1970 team also was a spetacular Brazilian national team and they represent one of the best teams Brazil ever had.

    I agree with you - the 1970 Brazilian national team was great and most players on that team were superstars.

    By the way their names were Jairzinho, and Carlos Alberto.

  9. OK... I'm not sure if all of you are soccer newbies or not...

    US isn't in a Group of Death.... Personally I'd give the name to Group C with:

    Cote d'Ivoire
    Serbia & Montenegro

    Most might think it's Argentina and Holland but the Cote d'Ivoire has very good players. They can surprise a lot of people by knocking out Argentina and they have the fire power to do so...

    Holland... if the games are played as they usually do, they will go through.

    In terms, of who plays in the Finals... One is Brazil... it's a no brainer...

    Ronaldo's a lazy mofo... or probably just has a strong motivational swing. I've seen his recent pic and he's already losing weight. He's focused and when he's focused... he's unstopable.

    Adriano... he's a great player. Yes, he plays for Inter but he does play with good players. Veron, Solari, Zanetti, Stankovic... One of the problems that Adriano has is he doesn't let the ball go. It's his playing style but he just tanks the DF and tries to do it all by himself. He's doing it in Inter and has been doing it in Parma. Players like that are hard to deal with, especially in a strategy heavy playing style like Serie A. I think we'll see the real Adriano in the Copa Mundial.

    Ronaldinho... No word for him. Kaka... too. They will perform.

    Personally, I don't see the German team take it this year. Last World Cup was probably the chance to take it. I think it's an odd team. It's either the players are too old or too young. Ballack is again the "it" guy for Germany. It's Ballack's team but he doesn't quite have the hands to make it happen like the last one.... compared to the others.

    There's a lot of great offensive teams... Holland, Spain, Italy, US (it's not a big sport in their home country but I they are a good team), Cote d'Ivoire, etc. etc. I think it comes down to who has the best defense.

    Italy's Catenaccio style still lives on even though this team is probably has the most dynamic offense in the history of Italy.

    England without Rooney is still is great, with probably the best defensive line in the competition.

    I'm sure we'll have a better idea once the group leagues are done. Who'll play the finals greatly depends on how they place themselves on the grid.
  10. great reply all. I am looking for early money bets , here are the best risk/reword so far:

    Top goal scorer :
    Toni ( ITA) 8:1
    Ibrahimivich (SWE) 41:1
    Larson (SWE) 51:1

    group betting ( make it to second round) :

    Tunisia ( group H) 8:1
    Australia ( group F) 13:1

    Prediction bet : Kaka will be the best player ( somehow I have a feeling that Ronaldinio will get a red card and skip some games).
    I also have a feeling that Lusio will score in his own net.
    #10     May 19, 2006