2006 Trading resolutions What have you learned in 2005

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by ElectricSavant, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. This is a "feel good, forward looking" thread where you can archive your thoughts on this subject.

    For me, I learned that I need more than one system. I need more than one mode, if I am going to be a Chameleon.

    In 2006 I would like to perform as a Junior Professional Trader and deal with the challenges that present themselves. Retail traders do not have to deal with the influx of deposits and withdrawals that tinker with money managment and present a whole new set of dynamics to deal with. I have turned the corner into profitability and things are moving so fast for me.

    Michael B.
  2. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    There is light at the end of tunnel :cool:
  3. Learner


    2005, a cub is hunting very well.........! A young eagle is gliding in the sky.........!

    Feel the Power, Skills and Freedom........
  4. theSnaggle

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    because in 2005 I didn't learn one single thing!
  5. learned 99% of everything I know.

    of course i'll say the same thing a year from now:D:p

    hopefully, us day traders dont have memories as short as the time frame we trade!
  6. Why is it that your post sounds like you are trying to convince yourself of what you are?

    Michael, make your resolution a reinforced belief in yourself and your abilities. Stop this anxiety and doubt. I know it sounds cheesy but believe in yourself.

  7. Learner


    2006? Another day another dollar.....
  8. nicolain


    tight stops and discipline to execute them

    let profits run
  9. closer


    I will trade blindfolded for all of 2006. Should improve my performance by 100%
  10. Perseus


    somebody please take the keys to my account away from me when I drink
    #10     Jan 7, 2006