2006 Maybach 57S w/36k miles: Was $385k new; Yours for $169k, Or Less!

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    Maybach's do some incredible things. The adaptive suspension gets you better cornering than a Corvette, don't ask me how they do that.. you open the door and there is an umbrella that is inside the door, just pull it out and you are good to go.... they are for bankers that need to impress clients and outrun the occasional robber..
  2. I would rather have Benz S-600. It is actually driveable.
  3. You can get a 2006 Benz S500 w/40k miles or less for around $25k.

    Much better value.

    I'll take that over that Maybach all day long.
  4. This is absolutely the first thing I would buy when "I make it"

  5. Celine Dion?:D :eek: :D
  6. Not many individuals would feel comfortable listening to Celine Dion, Mylene Farmer as well as DMX, Gladiator sound track, Mortal Kombat sound track and let it rock by kevin rudolf(among others).

  7. buy it used, you will save a small fortune!

  8. But S-600 is about "making it". When you have the opportunity to buy it you know you "have made it". Patek Philippe Grand Complications 5016 P watch also serves this purpose.

  9. why not buy used? same with the watch--- i buy watches and cars used--its smart business, let someone else take the depreciation yet own the same thing. makes good sense to me.

    by the way, im not a big fan of Patek.

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