2006 Goals

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    How many systems are you now trading? Is the volatility breakout system (form your journal) still your main (or only) system? How did this system perform this year with the market's low volatility and lack of follow through?


    PS. My goal for 2006 is to trade fully automated.

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  2. "My goal for next year is to make at least 500k gross profit (after commissions but before taxes). Anyone else care to share their goal?"

    No, your goal will do fine!
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  3. Grow my small account by 25%.(This will largely depend on market conditions. If I see a bear market, I'll sit.)
    Learn more about investing.
    Interact with investing friends.
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  4. I want to take a small amount of capitcal and create an automated system to trade it with.

    Want to learn how to better trade Forex.

    Want to use my ER2 futures signals to trade slower moving small cap stocks. I call these reactors ( stocks that lag a bit behind the movements of the general markets.)
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  5. A CME and CBOT seat to substantially reduce fees...

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