2006 from 100K to 266K, 2007 3.5 months from 266K to 360K

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    In 2006, I have turned 100K to 266K, I was using about 200K 0% balance transfer from credit cards.

    In 2007's first 3 and half month, I have turned 266K to 360K, using about 300K 7% margin.

    Do you think this is a good trading record and good enough to raise some capital?

    P.S, I also have two other accounts trading futures and Chinese stocks. All are profitable.
  2. Can you lend me a $100,000?

    I promise I will give you it back, if not then you can keep these magic beans........Deal?
  3. In a word, NO! Though you might some friends and family that might throw in a few bucks!
  4. 1.3 years of good run, so you want to start asking for OPM???

    Hmm, how about doing what you've been doing, which is very good, for at least another 3-5 years first?
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    what kind of trading record is good for raising capitals?
  6. You seem to be making good $$$ as it is.

    What is it that you cant buy with the amount money you are claiming to be making?
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    Not a terrible problem to have, IMO
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  9. If you haven't already, you may want to payoff those credit cards. I wish you continued success, but if anything goes wrong, $200K is a very steep debt.
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    i paid off, beause the rate is 18% now. i will reborrow again from them soon, this time maybe 250k. i already have 500k debt on 7% rate. that is $35k just on interest. any time i borrow more than 1:1, i could not sleep well, so i just keep my debet below 1:1 ratio and leave room for extra margins in case some big event.

    i have been trading stocks on debt for 3-4 years. not a problem. i just want to save on interest rate i pay.

    my account grow quickly, i have found the stocks i used to trade no longer can let me in and out quickly. i have moved some money from low priced stocks to big companies...
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