2006 Blue Ribbon Hedge Fund Symposium - The premier Meeting Place for Fund Managers

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Have you ever attended the Blue Ribbon Hedge Fund Symposium?

  1. Yes....Learned a great deal

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  2. Yes....Was not worth my time

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  3. No....but I've heard good things about it

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  4. No...I heard it was a complete waste of time

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  5. No...

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  1. Anyone else going to this thing? It's being held at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan, NY.

    Here is a link to info about the event


    Anyone ever go to this symposium in previous years? Can you tell me what it is like?

    They are supposed to talk about the yield curve this year so I bought a ticket to the eventsince I trade the Yield Curve....

  2. Yeah, I'll be there if anyone wants to grab a drink. First time for me as well.
  3. hmmm ... what about "hedgestock" the mega event that happened last month in the UK ?

    anyone here go to it ?
  4. Don't like travelling to UK. I've heard of that event but do not know much about it.

  5. as a CAIA member you can go to these events either for free or at 20% discounts, if they dont have any free passes left.
  6. I will look into becoming a member. However, the 2006 blue ribbon symposium is not one of the events that you can get into for free. I believe hedge fund managers would still have to pay the entrance fee. Please correct me if I am wrong...

  7. i'll buy you a drink, risk.

    however, i dont see you on the list. are you staying at the waldorf?

  8. BSAM will be there :D

    I gotta try to get cozy with the SMD :D
  9. Plaza or Four Seasons on 57th. I don't think my Bro has made the arrangements as of yet. Procrastinator that he is.

  10. there are over 100 of these thing a year. why did you pick this one to travel to from so far away?

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