2005 BMW 1 series

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  1. ktm


    Looks like a VW golf.

    Nice job cheapening the brand though. If people stop buying the 7 series because of this, they'll learn the Porsche lesson from a few years back.
  2. Anyone heard news of the new BMW M4? It's the successor of the current M3. It supposedly will have the current M5 engine putting out 400hp! Can't wait...
  3. yeah same engine as the new m3, normally aspirated, 400 hp
  4. damir00

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    can the souped-up 1-series be purchased via the european delivery service?
  5. europe is only offering 4 cylinder models... M version wont be available unitl the new m3 comes out i guess, then they will probably stick the 333hp into that little car.
  6. Found any spy pics for it? Googled it but to no success...
  7. not really, only what i posted before, it basically should be the same body, only different suspension set up and engine. should be one fast beast!
  8. GGSAE


    Any idea of what price range BMW will be marketing it around? Is it in repsonse to the low-end model Mercedez is coming out with next year?
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