2004 Mercedes CL600 for sale

Discussion in 'Trading' started by skepticaltrader, May 31, 2010.

  1. skepticaltrader

    skepticaltrader Guest

    Anyone interested in purchasing this in excellent condition?

    Black exterior and interior. 52k miles currently on the odometer.

    5.5L V12 with twin turbos. 493hp!!!

    Brand new tires and brakes (with rotors).

    Thanks for looking!
  2. I bid one dollar!
  3. (front runs bid)

    1.00001 bid here.
  4. Thats a nice car, maybe you will be more lucky in finding a buyer if you
    could post some pictures of the vehicle ? 2004 is that still with the double round headlights ? (not that i could afford it)
    good luck on the sale

  5. skepticaltrader

    skepticaltrader Guest

    Yes... This is the one with the double round headlights. I'm asking only $31k for it. This is a pretty good price considering that the MSRP was $126k back in 2004.

    I'm going to try and get some pictures posted here today once the sun goes down a little bit.
  6. margin call?
  7. Where is it located?

  8. skepticaltrader

    skepticaltrader Guest

    It is located in east central Iowa. I would be willing to deliver the car if someone is interested in buying it.
  9. mxjones


    I did a quick search of some comparables and $31K is not a bad price for those miles...provided it is in great shape. Good luck.
  10. amazing depreciation on these Benzs.

    MB get outdated so fast.. high school kids are driving the 2001> CL500:eek:

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