2003 SPY chart... 2009 SPY chart

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Roman Candle, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. I'm pretty excited about these two charts. I am getting long in a big way for this more up. First chart 2003 weekly chart of SPY.
  2. 2009 SPY weekly, ready for lift off.
  3. SPY...weekly chart w/ 50 day SMA, look at period from 9/17/2001 to 3/11/2002. Look at the fact that it's a similar setup (move of same magnitude after a sharp selloff, finding resistance at the 50 day. Feels/looks quite similar as well. Hard to say what will happen with the Fed is on the bulls side. Fundamentals are still trashy, but the Fed has thrown the American taxpayer upon the grenade in order to save the system.

    Fed Logic:


    (=if(and(closing_price<200dma, "Consumer Confidence"<50, "GDP" <1.5%), CapitalizeSystem^5, CapitalizeSystem^2))