2003: ET man of the year

Discussion in 'Politics' started by QdzResurrection, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. If I, QDZ, am not honored the title: ET man (or woman/soul/member) of 2003. I think ET moderators should get it. They did many hard works to make ET quieter. For example, they created chit chat. They don't route posts in some forum including chit chat and feedback to the homepage. And they moved popular threads to chitchat or delete them.

    Just for your information, if you believe in QDZ as the ET man of 2003, just share the success by listening and remembering what is said.

    So now what's your choice? Any other nominees? Hurry, time is running out.

    I know it is pathetic to post on ET on a new year's eve. But I want to say what I have to say just in time. See you in 2004, 100% up room to go.

  2. nkhoi


    today feel just like any regular working day.
    do you have any shorter handle beside Resurrection, where did you say you came from?