2003 Capture Of Saddam Boosted Numbers For Only A Few Months, Then Reversed Back.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, May 2, 2011.

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    Bad news for Obama!!! His numbers will go up for a few months, but since the election is 18 months away, history shows the bump he'll get from the Bin Laden killing will be short, and the economy will remain issue #1 with voters. Well, except when the U.S. Supreme Court kills the entire Obamacare legislation in mid 2012. Then what will Obama have to campaign on? Bin Laden? ROFLMAO!!!!!!! No one will care at that point due to no job creation, $5-6 dollar per gallon gas prices, and his passing/signing an illegal, unconstitutional health care bill!!! :p
  2. Gas prices really will decide the election. It sound ridiculous, but it has become the ultimate thorn in the side of all incumbent politicians as they continue to support this reckless spending and ultimately weak dollar policy.

    As the group of actual beneficiaries of targeted asset inflation dwindles, it simply leaves a much larger populace of victims of this scam/scheme.
  3. Looks like he's planning on a "Latino amnesty/illegal aliens being given the right to vote"... to carry him to victory in 2012.

  4. You would ROFLMAO!!!!! for this?

    and its not ''reversed back'' ...... just reversed.