2002 is about over

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  1. Anyone care to give their YTD earnings from trading? Are you a daytrader, swing trader or both?
  2. you first?
  3. $87,652 net.
  4. if you are a prop trader with unlimited funds?
    and what % on ytd basis that profit is of capital
    started out with at beginning of yr?

    if this is too private and personal a matter
    to post publically thats ok

    I turned 10 K into 120 K in 2000
    but last 2 yrs have been much more
    a struggle to make a return on capital
    anywhere near that
  5. No, I'm a home trader. I trade with 30-35K at any given time. I pull the rest out for bills and other investments.
  6. Aaron


    Keep in mind with this thread that you are going to see mostly profitable traders posting. The chance of a trader posting results is directly proportional to how good those results make the trader look. Most traders are not immune from vanity.

    And neither am I...Schindler Trading is up 47.0% for the year through October. (Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. Futures trading is speculative and involves a high degree of risk.)
  7. 80 % ytd until I got caught in the volatility of the last
    month and traded too large at times

    now I am only up 50 % and nervous about being able to continue
    to trade for a living ...
  8. I like your honesty. Many on this site should take notes.

    Good Luck,

  9. Hey I will come clean...-17,000 YTD.

    I don't se anybody else willing to post losses!

    Such an EGO game!
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    I sure had a loss this year, even though in the last few months I have been doing well with this Don Miller stuff.
    Big Fat Ouch:(
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