2000i programming

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Martin W, Sep 10, 2002.

  1. Martin W

    Martin W


    Is there a possibility to take the output of signals as input for an other signal?

  2. maxpi


    You can use pushpop.dll if nothing else, it provides for global variables.

  3. nqtrader


    Or, you can always code the signal as a function.

    You can take this concept one step further and have your main strategy take votes from many different signals (coded as funtions) and only trade when x% of signals are in agreement.
  4. maxpi


    Exactly, you can code as many signals as you want (with TS2k at least) and run all of them on one issue, the strategy report will tell you which strategy entered and which one exited. I have never found anything I wanted to do with TS2ki that I could not, including multi-timeframe technical alerts in Radarscreen, that one took a LOT of work but it was doable using the arrays.