2000 thousand dollars

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by college ruled, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. Been working the sim for a few weeks now and i may have a knack for this.

    My account is now fully funded with 2K USD.

    My focus is EUR/USD.

    Intraday trades speckled with overnights.

    No reloading the account. If I blow it I blow it.

    Goal = $100000 within 2 yrs.

    I am now LIVE.
  2. Good wishes, although the post looks to be in humor.
  3. One question first...is a 1000 units considered 1 lot??
  4. Thank you. I'm reaching a bit here i know this but i want to set a goal thats a real challenge for me. I hate complacency and won't abide by it. I don't really expect to do it.
  5. Start off buying 1/2 lot (thats 50000 units?) 12570.
  6. testing post
  7. Presently long 12570 1/2 lot (50,000 units)

    I posted but didnt show so here it is again
  8. TST_Eddie

    TST_Eddie ET Sponsor

    Plan your trade - trade your plan. Keep the discipline and patience.
    Best to you
  9. Good stuff to keep in mind. Esp the patience part..if I have an Achilles heel thaats it!
  10. i see R above and below but i think i can get at least 80 out of this.
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