2000 % IN ONE HOUR The one that got away

Discussion in 'Options' started by ben 12, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. ben 12

    ben 12

    This one hurt. I bought 2 skf 200 feb puts today at 1:30 for .90 each. Last options x I lost 3500 so I was being very conservative. so I sold it at 1:37 for 1.15, at 2:53 this options was 18.20 each 2000 % in one hour It does not pay to be a bitch. Hey at least I made 50 bucks
  2. thanks...this is really interesting...do you normally trade options on expiration day?..risky?...I never really saw SKF, but now I will watch it for options trades...why did you only trade 2 contracts only?do you trade SKF options often...thanks...very interesting...what have you observed trading SKF options?
  3. Nice one.
  4. ben 12

    ben 12

    I only bought two because they are very very risky. its the most risky, but can be the most rewarding options you can trade. Ill buy two of a few different options some times ill buy calls and puts on the same stock because you can make up to 2 to 20 times your money. google today went from 100 to 900 in just two hours so there are many times you can use this on experation
  5. 1) Could've, should've, would've, might've.......
    2) The condition of "eating like a bird and defecating like an elephant" comes to mind. :cool:
  6. yeah yeah yeah, so you would have made a couple of thousand.

    i should have sold more options last nov 21. i ended up making only 130k but could have made 800k. let's all cry ourselves to sleep ok?
  7. what on GOOG went from 100 to 900?...an option price?which one?
  8. Redneck


    Food for Thought Sir

    Would a
    Could a
    Should a

    Only if I
    Why didn't I
    If only
    I wish

    I used to use these terms... Now it's - well ya'll know so no need me kicking a dead horse

    Hind sight is always 20/20 - But then we work/ prosper / fail - on the Hard Right edge don't we Sir


    eta - Sorry Nazzdack did not see your post before I posted
  9. ben 12

    ben 12

    goog Feb 340 call went from .95 to 9.00 in about two hours on Fri. I got the response I was looking for by starting this thread. Even blackjack007 had the need to tell us what happened to him on Nov 21. I got it off my chest Im done with it .
  10. I think it's good to review your trades and learn lessons from past trades. You are doing fine.
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