$2000 Daily...? Anyone?

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  1. Is there anyone here pulling in on average $1500 - $2000 dollars daily day trading on any Emini Index? Day trading is something I am very interested in and have been for a while.

    Throughout all the research I have done, there certainly is not a holy grail trading system that exists to make you a lot of money. What I have come to believe is that you either have it or you don't. The people who "have it" seem to be the quite trader next door with the beach house and expensive cars who don't talk a lot about what in fact they do, let alone sharing strategy.

    The average trader however seems to be loudest when it comes to telling everyone how trading works.

    My question is for anyone...is there anyone making a decent living by trading futures?(at least 1000 daily profit)
  2. I debated about posting in your thread... I didn't want your concept of the trader next door, which is accurate, to be shattered. Anyway...


    Osorico :)
  3. 1000 a day is not enough to buy u hot chicks
  4. I agree, i make much more now...
    However id like to do the same or more day trading if it is at all possible.
  5. Yup to the 1000 or more? :p
  6. I dont know how comfortable people are talking about income or their own personal results, however i feel as tho it is extremely relevant. Everyone talks about their strategy, no one about their results.

    Im in the real estate business and everything is judged by your results.
  7. <i>"1000 a day is not enough to buy u hot chicks"</i>

    You cannot buy hot chicks... just hot pigs. When you are blessed to have one (or more) in your lifetime, you'll understand the difference.

    As for the $2,000 per day, it depends. Trade five TF or ten ES contracts at a clip, and $2k daily averaged is no big deal.

    "Averaged" includes days of -$2k, $0, +$4k, +10k, -$1k, etc.
  8. I assume it takes 10K in your account to trade with 10 contracts?
  9. clacy


    In trading you're working for yourself, so you will be judging your own performance on a day-to-day or hour-to-hour basis.

    There will be no hiding bad results.
  10. How have the best of you learned and developed your trading skills and strategies? From what I have gathered, the worst thing to do would be to spend your money for "someone" to train you.

    It seems the best strategy is to preserve your capital, learn all you can about the fundamentals and jump in head first with 1 contract.

    Am I correct?
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