200%/year for an AVERAGE trader according to Acrary, still true?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by shortie, Jan 5, 2010.

Retail Professional Traders With 200K Account Should Make

  1. >500%/year

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  2. >200%/year

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  3. >100%/year

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  4. >50%/year

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  5. >30%/year

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  6. >20%/year

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  7. >10%/year

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  1. yes, 200%/year that is a return expected from an average trader with <200K account according to Acrary. I can't find his post, but he indeed stated the above.

    Acrary is a well respected trader and I believe he believed what he said a few years back. he does not post here any more maybe he has changed his mind.

    After hearing many complaining about sub-par 2009 performance, I wonder if the above is still true. By an average trader I mean somebody who has been trading for a living for several years. Let's assume they have 200K account at a broker like IB, not at a prop firm. I have nothing against prop firms I just want to compare apple and apples. If you post the average profits at prop firms please state so clearly.
  2. Dream on and believe what you read from trading forums. All that counts are real money trading statements from a real money trading firm. Funny how nobody ever steps forward with three years of statemernts to verify their outrageous claims. And remember how they shut down that prop firm long ago and records seized by the authorities indicated something like 90%+ were losers. If 100% were so easily attianable the great traders at all the hedge funds wouldn't be so thrilled to crank out 30% to 40% returns. Have you ever checked the documented results of the CTAs, the hedge funds, the newsletter writers etc.????
  3. i am talking about small accounts <200K, not >100M hedge funds.
  4. you have been around here since 2006 and still havent figured out that is bs?
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    he must be a believer :D
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    200% would only apply to very short term (and very lucky) traders.

    With such a short timeframe, 2009 was not any better or worse than 2008 or 2007

  7. Any link to those ?
  8. do a search on this site for tuco.
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    I occassionally stop by, so I'm not totally off the net. While a average trader will undoubtedly lose money, an average profitable trader shouldn't have trouble with the math of 200%+ profits before taxes and withdrawls.

    Here's the math for a trader that does 275 trades/yr with a profit factor of 1.5 and risks 1.75% per-trade. Starting amount in this example is 150,000. Outcome is profit net of the starting capital.
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