200 unique visitors a day website. 0 from Google/search engines

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  1. HongMeng


    My website was launched in 2011 but it went offline in 2015 due to less money.

    Since 2011, my website got 0 visitors from google and search engines (SEO).

    Since December 2018, my website is getting 50 to 200 unique and real visitors everyday from my internet work (forum signatures etc..). My website is getting "0' visitors from Google and search engines since re-launch in 2018.

    Now my website is in good position. That shows if people work hard there is no need for google and search engines.
  2. Here4money


    so you're proud of not catering to the biggest used search engine on the planet, wtf? No offense, but facebook pages get more views than that.
  3. tiddlywinks


    You can feed yourself with your hands or with utensils.

    Food tastes better with a fork or spoon!! And less messy too!
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  4. Sig


    I think it is either a bot or a combination of a language barrier and some developmental disabilities, all it's posts seem to be jibberish.
  5. Walanee


    Chrome browser (scam) may give false virus alert. Use Firefox, Opera, Brave, Internet explorer browsers
  6. Sig


    The best part of the whole page is at the end:
    "Many people will say that my website has 1995 design. 'dangerousmother.com' with 1995 design is internet's heritage.
    200 million websites on the internet went for modern designs and forgot internet's heritage. "
    You just can't make this shit up! Although I have to admit he did get a bunch of us to go visit his web site, thus reinforcing in his delusional thought process that he's some kind of David against the Google Goliath. I've modified my hypothesis to language barrier combined with mental illness, a bot just couldn't come up with that!
  7. LiasMeh


    That is a Gold nugget :finger: