200 to 100,000 in a year catching options doubles

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  1. i'm starting this thread to put up charts that I think will catch a double in the options or at least 50% move

    200 x 2=400
    400 x 2=800
    800 x 2 =1600
    1600 x 2 =3200
    3200 x 2 = 6400
    6400 x 2 =12800
    12800 x 2 = 25600
    25600 x 2 =51200
    51200 x 2 = 102400.00

    is it possible, sure, probable???

    the most I would risk on an options trade is 2000.00 unless i'm sure i'll catch the bottom or the second pullback, we'll see how it goes
  2. i'm in the amln feb 40s at .85

    the aig feb 70 at .33

    I feel better about the amlns even though I don't like drug stocks
  3. Just out of curiosity; what are you basing your AIG move on?
  4. http://i5.tinypic.com/2d9p8d1.gif

    this is a 50 day chart I think there will be selling st 69.00 but it has a shot a 70.00

    got upped to 82.00 today
  5. I'm looking for stocks that look like july aug part of the chart, the august pullback after the trendline break should be a double with little risk

    somedays I look for that pattern on a 10day or 20 day chart but i'll dump quick if I think i'm wrong
  6. It is nice to pretend that you will never have a losing position :D

    Makes it easier to get to that million lol...

    Remember if you lose you might lose most of your premium invested and therefore have to start all over again perhaps. Most investors always overlook what happens when they lose money or never think that they could be wrong about a position.

  7. I just put the 200 to 100,000 up for an example, I have no doubt that some of my trades won't work and I probably wouldn't risk more then 2000.00 on any option, so in reality my example can't work in the amount of trades I put up but it is possible for someone with capital to take the risk

    a 5000.00 investment when amln ran last week would have reached my goal in a week

    they were .13 went to 2.75

    as far as losses go I've taken plenty, and I know I can be wrong more then right but I also know my risk,
  8. AMLN went in the money today. Will you be taking profits?
  9. I doubled on the amlns when they went down on friday and averaged in at .68 then I dumped them yesterday at 1.00

    sold the aigs for a 50.00 profit

    look at what can happen to even the worst of options


    I watched amln move a good bit in last couple days, its .40 to 1.15 more then 4 times and the puts did the same

    I was looking at 30% moves in these options which is not that hard to get and you could do pretty well starting with a 1000.00 and grabbing 30%

    looking for an ostk type move
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