200 teens brawl at the mall

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  1. http://youtu.be/dztVR6ETULQ

    Now...before you click the link, I want you to guess if these teens brawling are White, Black, Asian or Hispanic.

    I'm pretty sure most of you will guess right on the first try.
  2. Swat teams arrived..... heavily armed with books, pencils and paper, the crowd ran....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...no...no....not a book......
  3. Eight


    That kind of stuff happened when I was a kid in the '50's. Hundreds [mostly whities] showed up at a field for a fight between two junior high schools once.

    Notice how the stupid MSM reporter says that social media CAUSED the mess. I know a lot of older people that aren't computer savvy and also have their heads entirely up the MSM's backside. They are convinced that getting online will bring identity theft and all sorts of problems. The MSM's biggest enemy is the web, little doubt about that. The MSM has made my stomach absolutely churn ever since I was a teenager, can't stand them at all, never watch them.
  4. At least white people have the respect to fight way out in a field away from civilization. I bet that fight that happened out in the field didnt hurt ANYONE's business. Meanwhile shoppers with money will be avoiding that mall because its not safe in their eyes.
  5. Those crazy "teens".

    If they were white they would have been called "gangs" or "thugs".

    Must be tough being a white kid these days in Obama's Amerika.
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    It's tough being an American in Obama's Amerika. Soon, unless the House of Representatives saves us, it will be legally less costly for a business to hire an illegal immigrant than an American.
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    No arrests and no plans to find any perps. That should show `em, lol.