200% Return by March 31 buying NKD

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  1. So Japan's Economy Minister has come out and said they want Nikkei 13k by the end of their fiscal year.

    Buy the futures today at a "conservative" 15x leverage and make over 200% by March 31.

    Can it get any easier than that? Balls to the wall Tepper Japan-style. No downside risk at all. None whatsoever. Central banks are all powerful. Everybody wins.
  2. If this is your edge than may God be with you.
  3. i'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're joking. it wouldn't surprise me at all to see a brief spike up as the dumb money buys in then a huge reversal then the media shows all these pics of people crying b/c they "couldn't lose b/c the gubmit told them the market was going to 13,000 by march".
  4. +800 Nikkei points since post.

    100% return in 3 weeks.

    BOJ meeting ends today.

    Who needs an edge when you have Central Banks?
  5. I'm out. Got about 950 NKD points.

    I prefer not to run for the exits when everyone else is also, Central Banks or not!
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    The sad thing is that Nikkei 13,000 is a stronger possibility now than it was when this thread started on 12 February.

    Friday 8 March close at 12,283.62

    Friday 1 March close at 11,606.38

    So at this rate, we can "expect" Nikkei 13,000 in less than 2 weeks.

    Let's all take a moment and be grateful for the kindness of central banks in pushing up stock prices.
  7. I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT U WERE INSANE.. this was 100% on the money.. I have not seen such a SWING in NIKKEI in a LOOONG TIME...

    8500 is 12500. almost.. we are talknig a 50% RISE in 3 MONTHS.... this is an INDEX... WHOAA>>>> AMAZING... will be long time till we see such a move...

    your call on 11th Feb caught the tail end. GREAT CALL....
  8. Wow, at 2:05am Japan Time, they release a headline:


    Burning the midnight oil? Goodness.
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