$200 Million per Day For Mumbai Trip

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Nov 2, 2010.

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  2. Just more "living large" on the public's dime... Borrowed funds, added to deficit, no doubt.

    Nero and Caligula would have been proud.

    One would think $200 Mil/day could be better spent on putting people to work or helping out our homeless.. Such profligate extravagance SHOULD piss people off even more. :(
  3. Quite frankly I don't believe that news source. $200 million seems like an irrationally high number. No other news sources are reporting this that I know of. If anyone else has a more reliable source could you please post?
  4. Bush,Obama or whoever,the safety of the President of The United States of America is priceless.

    I also don't believe this 200 million a day figure.
  5. I know the president needs security. But do you really need to bring THREE THOUSAND people with you? Jesus.
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    I agree. That figure should be scrutinized
  7. i guess it just proves they dont trust the Indians to provide security. Hes bringing a small army there. if it was UK,Japan or China, i doubt as much money needs to be spent.
  8. bs... entourage of 3000? while having to jump through hoops to deploy 10k of troops into a war effort?
  9. The truth is the vast majority of these situations, any Market - bonds or equities will have a quick selloff and then rebound by the end of the week under ANY politically driven situation.

    Security is just a way of saying "we need a slush fund for our politics"
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    I hope you are right!
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