200 day moving average screener

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by realstockaddict, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. We all know this is a simple strategy that can be great if used correctly. I was wondering what screener people here use (or any that is free) that will show if a stock is new a 200 day moving average. I would like to know before it crosses to anticipate the move. Any ideas? I use market screeners that only pop up as soon as it happens. Thanks for any help!
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    Once-upon-a-time somebuddy suggested a similar problem.
    'course, it means predicting the stock prices and any interesting moving averages.
    Anyway, I played with it and have a fun spreadsheet, described here.
    It generates neato charts, like so:

  3. Real stock addict;

    Yes and still use thier 200 ma occasionaly it as a back up, its almost as accurate as realtime charts;

    And more useful, but can take some getting used to all the info;

    Write out 200 ma occasionaly, but probably more helpful ;
    include a few stocks/ETFs you long time note/observe/trade.

    Wisdom is the principle thing.:cool: