$200/day/contract trading emin500..is that good?

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    I am currently PAPERTRADING emini500 with ENSIGN software.

    I am trading only one lot. And always just one. No position sizing allowed.

    I usually go for 2 ticks target (25$) with some $37.50 trade and some $12.50 trades. I get out when my loss = -$50, sometimes I get out before or a bit after, but averaging -$50.

    Percentage of winner between 70% and 92%.

    Usually end up with $150 to $250 INCLUDING commission(I calculate $10 r/t).

    Do you have enough info to tell me if this system is a good start or there is no way I am going to make it with these stats?


    If anybody interested I will posted the parameters and list of indicators I use.

    PLEASE READ: I am PAPERTRADING, and did not put any money on the line yet. I get these stats using the PLAYBACK feature on ENSIGN software. My LIMIT ORDER are filled as soon as they are touched(and yes I know it is not usually like this in real-life, the price action have to go thru your limit price by 1 tick to be filled)

    But still, what do you think?
  2. if you can do like that in the real life trading.

    Tell us what the system is based on.
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    If you knew you could get the fills on your limit orders it would be a good system. But (and this is a big but) you probably are not going to be filled on many or possibly most of your winning trades because price may have to nearly trade through a price to get your order executed unless you had the order resting there for quite some time.

    And, since you are trading for just 2 to 3 ticks this will make your system very difficult to execute profitably.

    And if that weren't enough, besides NOT getting filled on many trades that would have been profitable in your simulation, you WILL get filled on EVERY trade that would be a loss.

    Try running your simulation with an adjustment that says it has to trade through your price before you are filled on entries and exits and see what that does to the P&L. An easy (though slightly inaccurate) way to do this is to increase your slippage to $30. $12.50 on each side plus a $5.00 commission.
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    4 x EMA
    MACD histogram
    3 min chart day session only

    The first 2 EMA have a period of 3.

    the first one is based on HIGH.
    the second one is based on LOW.
    WIll look like a channel for price on your chart.

    the 3rd and 4 th EMA are based on CLOSE
    They will tell you when to look to short or to go long.
    period are in order 5 and 15.

    ECO setup 13,5,5
    MACD histogram 5,26
    togheter will give you clue about the curent trend(about to turn)

    all this on a 3min chart with no higher or lower time frame to confirm trend.

    It is not mechanical. Maybe you will get better results or worst results or no results. i wil take more time to explain at some point.

    That is all I can give you for tonight, I have to go...But I will be back.
  5. before ?

    or traded stocks ?

    you could test your system with real money and less risk

    trading 100 shares of SPY

    in my opinion ...

    or even a stock with a very high correlation to SPY

    good luck
  6. 30 years ago I would dream of a night with Sophia Loren - today, I'll settle for the above treatment of my limit orders. pspr hit the nail on the head. For forward testing without putting any money on the line, there are more realistic simulators out there which don't allow this sort of blatant queue jumping.
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    When I use the Esignal simulator to test out new strategies, I take away 1 tick on limit orders and then enter my adjusted trades in an excel spreadsheet. Works for me.

    Good Luck
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    Interesting system.. looking fwd to some charts. Thank you for sharing your system. Too many people are reluctant to do this. Whether it works or not.. Good luck to you.
  9. Keep going.....I like the high and low MA's coupled together with the longer period MA's to identfiy trend. , post some charts....

    Michael B.

    P.S. For this method consider using a weighted MA for your longer MA's. I like your choice of 3min bars.

  10. advice.

    Market in and out of you orders when testing. No matter what the condition, add .25pt to the entry as well as deduct from the

    minus your comms. from that number.

    You are as close to real time as you can get, before hitting the button for keeps.

    If your're still making $200 bucks a day after that, then you'll
    be fine.


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