$200 billion tariffs on China by thursday

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  2. MAMA!
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    seems like USDCNH has stablised around 6.85

    Well. Let's see if it will move
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  6. Each has his sledgehammer and when one capitulate, the other is winner. :sneaky:
    Plenty of silent cheerleading! :rolleyes:
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    The Chinese has taken advantage of the USA and other nations and nobody does anything. Hopefully Trump will teach the Chinese some lessons and hopefully it could minimize their 'unfair practices' that they have been doing.
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  8. Will this end the same way ? :)
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    He understands it's time for the US to demand fair trade. It's a wake-up call to the major powers of the world: open up US products to your markets in an equitable way or we all go down together.
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