$200 billion list against China announced

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  2. I take it this is what is roiling the markets after-hours.
    • Trump cools the market in an unorthodox way.
    • After a brief pull back everything will get back to normal.
  3. The market was pumped preemptively to build buffer before this is announced. It’s to avoid 200day MA breakdown implications. Look at the price action.

    It’s total manipulation by the fuckers who don’t want this house of FAANG to fall apart.
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    Trump doesn't trump markets.

    now, the US and Trump will now find out the hard way.
  5. damn, China is not going to buy our Treasuries
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    our toilet paper?
  7. don't be pessimistic my friend, as the saying goes "one man's trash is another man's treasure"
  8. He's a bloody fool. Watch the protests.
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    When I first heard about this it was something like 36b.
    This has good odds to be a historically significant mess.
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