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  1. I don't think its about the money,its the principle imo.Most of the money is already passed to the tax payers because the federal loans are forgiven , its the private loan companies that are hounding her

    There should be mandatory insurance for these loans imo
  2. You're right, there should be mandatory insurance for these loans, but 5 will get you 10 someone would be bitching about being forced to buy that insurance. What they're pushing for is, if I can't pay, I shouldn't have too. School isn't free and if they want to bitch about something of substance they can start with the price gouging criminals in Academia that financially rape every student walking through the door.
  3. right make the loans more expensive so dopes can scream predatory lending.

    Besides dumbass the mother co-signing the loan WAS the insurance.

    If she had not co-signed the loan she would not be on the hook.

    WTF did she think she was DOING when she was CO- SIGNING.

    YOU are a fvcking retard IQ-47 it's her LOAN.

    now all of a sudden she doesn't want to pay?

    waa waa, another affirmative action baby
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    Tsing Tao

    Exactly. She co-signed the loan. When you co-sign, you agree to take the liability of the loan if the primary refuses to pay, cannot pay or is otherwise unable to pay. That is the POINT of the co-sign.

    There are ways for her to stop the phone calls, legally. But the debt is hers now, and that's the way the system works.
  5. She could have bought a term life insurance policy probably very cheap to cover the loan balance. Lay off the co-sign risk. Bookie 101..:cool:
  6. She should start a petition to teach finance in HS.
  7. He died of natural causes. Can't she sue the hospital? Must be sumbody she can sue. The cause of natural death for a black man is gunshot, drugs, beat to death - mistaken identity, police brutality. Is that Obama's son?
  8. naw uncle SAM you know all those racist people out there owe her.

    besides it's unlikely her grandson was going to be able to pay back the loans in the first place.
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    I haven't confirmed it but I got an email this morning saying that children of congressmen don't have to pay back their student loans. Supposedly state governors are complaining.
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