20 years from, global Warming is proven, who do you Sue?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. come on, 20 years from now, with better computer models and science, the president of the day comes out and saids yes there is global warming. It is scientifically and undeniable. All the while the United states have been suffering a year long heatwave of 100 degrees. come on who do you sue. the bushes, the republican party, the oil companies, and etc. It would explain why the oil companies are the biggest proponents of tort reform :D
  2. I believe you should worry more about your grammar and less about Geo-Politics and Geo-Physics.
  3. Holmes


    The Chinese - they are the biggest polluters on this planet.

    It is a proven fact already that the more developped a country is the less their pollution becomes....

    Obviously you have not been out of the US a lot and seen the pollution caused by burning forest in Indonesia / Brazil, the caustic rivers in China, the pollution as the result of coal generated powerstations etc.