20 years ago today

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  1. Anyone traded on that fateful day 20 years ago?
  2. gobar


    i bought some put 20 yrs ago... :D
  3. I was a todler back then
  4. You're pretty young then
  5. I was riding around in my 1970 Chevelle SS 396 listing to Bad Company.
  6. Thats wrong I was doing that in 1978. 1987 I was listing to Depesh Mode.
  7. That's when Sgt Pepper taught the band to play, right?
  8. gwb-trading


    In 1987 I was working for a company that manufactured financial trading phone and video systems. I was down on Wall Street on this day in 1987 preparing a site survey for the installation of our new video switching system that would be cutover the upcoming weekend.

    All I can say.... it was quite a mess...some traders/brokers just freaked out and walked away, others beat the living heck out of the trading console phone systems, everyone was shouting, nobody was listening, and everyone got more grim and/or panicked by the minute. All the firm's IT type people were pulled from the site survey and were put to work sorting out the overload problems. Never the less... the installation of the video system for the weekend was cancelled, and I got the weekend off instead of working.

    - Greg