20-Year-Old Sells Blood Plasma Twice A Week To Fund Her Shopping Addiction

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  1. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019...plasma-twice-week-fund-her-shopping-addiction


    Resourceful Millennials.

    Hey... the guys can prolly sell their semen a couple of times a week, too.

    I can see it now.... young people lined up around the block to sell their bodily fluids for a few bucks so they can buy some dope.

    Never have to work a day in their lives!

    I like it!

    Now... if only they could find a way to sell their pee...

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  2. Semen worth a lot more if you do direct deposits. Lol
  3. CET


    When she is broke and really needs her fix she may just discover she's sitting on a gold mine. That's what sugar daddies are for. :D
  4. Doesn't she have anemia by now?