20 year old black man rapes and kills 85 year old white woman and her husband

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  1. Nope, I take weekends off to facebook and play farmville.

  2. Ugh, Farmville. They sucked me into that crap to for awhile. I like Words with Friends and play Angry Birds.
  3. Lol...I was kidding. I did play it for 3 weeks about 3 years ago and realized what a time sucker it was. My 2 year old loves angry birds, but I can stand the music that plays every time its game over. Drives me crazy! hehe.
  4. You must have quite an advanced toddler, lol.
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    My little one loved the birds as well. Every morning I'd hear that stupid music start up and be like...omg...nooo....
  6. This type of emboldened criminal behavior by colored youth is
    a result of Obama's election, a sociopathological
    development birthed by the symbolism of a black President.
  7. annlise


    Yes, they certainly have gotten worse now that Obama is there to say they look like his son.

    This racist murder must be investigated asap, and if there are any questions in the murderer's citizenship paperwork, he should be deported back to the African heartland.

    I want Obama, Sharpton and the Black Panthers to come out and condemn this racist murder, but of course they will not.
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    I think you're right.
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