20 reasons why the US Economy is dying and is simply not going to recover

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    hee hee, there is a lot more to the American economy than mortgages... We're past the bottom of the recession. This pessimism just doesn't feel right anymore, hasn't for some months... and dry ships index and rail freight reports all show increasing activity...
  2. My favorite is #18

    So where will the U.S. government get the money? From the Federal Reserve of course. The Federal Reserve bought approximately 80 percent of all U.S. Treasury securities issued in 2009. In other words, the U.S. government is now being financed by a massive Ponzi scheme
  3. those are just what surface, the real problems are deep rooted and more severe than that

    the whole system is fundamentally flawed

    and most of the people governed by the system are just animals, it's the tendency of democracy specially american style, to keep them that way, the more animal and stupid the average person, the easier it is to manipulate them
  4. My favorite quote: "...we have become a nation that is dripping with corruption and wickedness from the top to the bottom..."
  5. How do you figure this is unique to democracy? Because it isn't.
  6. Right. We're a republic.
  7. some other known forms of government try to keep their people unaware of some facts by keeping that information out of reach, but in america the facts are out there mixed within a sea of random words, and to keep the people from being able to differentiate between fact and fiction, they try to keep them stupid and animal like
  8. Satan might not be powerful enough to make everyone's life hell, but he is smart enough to persuade a nation to ugly and disgusting behavior, to such a point, where the spirit of God, using their own hands, brings their end upon them and takes their soul from the planet it no longer belongs on to a planet where it belongs; hell.
  9. A republic can be a form of democracy...
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