$20 per gallon gas in NY

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    pointless to spend 4 hours in line. you will burn probably same amount , that you are going to put in your gas tank. not to mention stress on engine. just go to nj or pa or whatever and stay there or fill up over there and buy some extra gas containers at walmart.
  2. it's not like I can do it everyday, plus those cans are heavy, and then there is my time factor, I have to wait sometimes 100 years to make a sale. Not to mention standing in line while you just sit there doing whatever you do.
  3. 1) Good luck finding gas containers anywhere in NJ between Hoboken and Cape May

    2) NJ residents are actually driving to PA for gas. Either that or wait 3 hours in line and hope the pumps are still running when you get to the front.
  4. We go through Hurricanes and tropical storms here where I live every year but we have a kind of funny little habit. We fill our cars up BEFORE the storm comes because we know there will be no electricity to pump gas afterwards. I guess we must be a little backwards :D
  5. the one that cracked me up was the NYC C store owner who had the foresight to buy a whole case of flashlights and already had them priced at $29.99

    You couldn't really accuse him of gouging, All he had to say was, "Hey man, there's the price tag, it's been there for a week."

    and the funny thing is, his store got flooded and the $29.99 price tags were kind of water discolored like they had been sitting on the shelf for years.

  6. C'mon. Even a full tank in the car, generator, and an extra gas can would all need to be filled. The storm started 6 days ago!
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    It'll be interesting to see if these ads are still around after the weekend. I've been following the 'slice of life' stories in the papers and one guy drove 60 miles one-way to PA, filled up his vehicle and two 5-gal gas cans, picked up some other supplies at well-stocked and undamaged stores and headed home. That was still faster and probably a lot less stressful than sitting in line for up to five hours. Maybe a lot of others will be doing the same over the weekend.
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