20% of pre=2008 volume

Discussion in 'Trading' started by brokenmarkets, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. does anyone have actual trading activity or volume.. the brokers or exchanges would have this data. volume as in number of participants not share volume.

    my gues is actuall number of traders or trading accounts that are actively trading is 20% of pre-2008 crash. volume and momentum has really dried up in many stocks and even futures. even this website is a graveyard... before limit orders were filled instantly now it takes longer or not at all.
  2. Bob111


    dude...i was screaming about this since 2006..bots..bots..bots...ECN's,ECN's,ECN's,ECN's,ECN's,ECN's,ECN's,ECN's,ECN'sECN'sECN's,ECN's,ECN'sECN's,ECN'sECN's,ECN's,ECN'sECN'sECN's.. use to be 2 ECN's and 2 primary markets..now it's 50+..trading exactly same fucking stocks..3600 on NYSE,2600 on nasdaq(use to be 3500).....imagine trading 10 trucks of tomatoes on every market in every US city..now SEC is saying that they having a hard time regulate all this mess...wow...no fucking wonder..they should regulate the creation of this shit long time ago,right before they allowed it to exist...i would say you are correct..the real volume is about 20% of 2008 volume..everything else is just phantom bots activity
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    agree 100%, the SEC isn't paying any attention to what is going, it will be after the fact that all this comes into question of what is really going on with the trading activity within the exchanges.

    70%+ of volume is nothing but HFTS and bots, thats all it is.

    Thats another reason why I think these markets are being manipulated, add bots and bubble ben bernanke and this is just one fucked up game on wallstreet. How long it can continue is anyones guess but sooner or later something has to be done to curb this mess where phantom bots are running the show.
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    Just look at how few threads on ET talk about trading these days.