20 most liquid E-mini or futures for IB trading

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by allesim, Dec 26, 2001.

  1. allesim


    I just began trading E-mini futures on IB

    Can someone kindly suggest me the 20 most liquid E-mini or futures to trade with a sub-15K US$ account on IB?

    Currently I only trade ES H2 (S&P E-mini March 2002) and NQ H2 (Nasdaq 100 E-mini March 2002)

    With my US$ 15K IB allows me to trade up to 2 contracts of NQ H2 or 2 contracts of ES H2.

    I wish to enlarge my basket.

    Thanks and Happy New Year to all of you
  2. IB will allow you to trade larger ES & NQ positions intraday (daytrading margin) as mentioned in other threads.
  3. dozu888


    The CBOT Treasury is good stuff, check IB's websites, daily $$ swing is almost comparable with ES, with less head fakes imo.

    After all, volatility means nothing if you cannot define tight stop. and I think ES and NQ are VERY CHOPPY.
  4. elon


    Hi there,

    with 15k you should be able to trade up to 8 mini sp or mini nasdaq at a time based on daytrading margins.

    except for the nq and es, the tbonds are nice as well as the Japanese yen, the dow futures and some other currency futures.

    When the Yen (jyh2) starts moving it can be a very nice swing trading market. Same goes for the tbonds (ush2) or if you can only trade elect. contracts zbh2

    dont wish to make this a "sale response" so if you have any questions to our specific products feel free to e-mail me directly.
  5. allesim


    Dear Elon

    Thanks for replying to me.
    so your suggested list would be:

    (1) (2) (3)
    NQH2 NQ NQ H2
    ESH2 ES ES H2
    6SH2 CHF ?
    6JH2 JPY ?
    6BH2 GBP ?
    6EH2 EUR ?

    All exchanges are Globex
    (1) = IB symbol
    (2) = IB underlying
    (3) = eSignal syntax

    Can you please tell me the correnspondent symbol in eSignal for currency futures?

    Can you please suggest me an alternative charting tool not so costly as esignal or RT3, to perform just 2 days 2 min realtime charting with market depth (esignal doesn’t have!) and volume?

    Thanks and have a nice week
  6. dozu888


    The symbols for the treasuries are ZN, ZB etc... all on IB's website.
    I think Nextrend does have charting for all the GLOBEX and CBOT futures, so they seem to be the most cheapo you can get.

    Monthly package fee + $15 monthly futures fee + exchange fee
  7. blueem


    Is anyone trading the e-mini Russell 2000 index? If so, could you tell me what the liquidity is like? Also, I can't seem to bring up a chart for this contract in QCharts. I have tried CME:ER202H and a few other combinations to no avail. Any ideas?
  8. Try MR[contract year, contract month]. E.g., MR02H.