20 more weeks of unemployment benefits??!!

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  1. I live in the middle of America and see Mexicans, who often cannot even speak English, working construction, doing lawn work, cooking in fast food restaurants, etc. How come all of the legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico can find work, but Americans cannot? To add insult to injury, our politicians have the audicity to name the bill "Americans want to work". They obviously know that we are all idiots. And the insanity continues:

  2. Many Americans only want jobs where they:

    Can get high
    Can play videogames
    Can chat over the internet / text messaging
    Can meet nice girls
    All this in an A/Ced or heated environment, where they get late and leave early.

    Certainly there are not many such jobs.

    And I forgot, even if they do get the job,
    they'll end up suing the employer for anything and everything.

    The truth is:
    Many Americans simply don't want to work
  3. Because most americans are more qualified than the average illegal alien and can do more than simply operate a leaf blower.

    And, thanks to the illegals, the wages for the low skilled jobs are too low to bother with...
  4. Yup americans are lazy as fuck. I hope by 2050 america is completely overrun by illegals. Let people who want to work in and kick to the curb those too lazy to work.
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    If you only realized how ignorant your statement appears to be. Your analogy that you see Hispanics working and therefore jobs must be plentiful is laughable and at the same time pathetic.

    I agree that indefinite extensions of unemployment is not a good idea. All the other drivel you posted is inane.
  6. Gentlemen, gentlemen, lazyness ish a virtua. Negl3ct, on ze other hand, is a sh1n. It'z not a sh1n to want to werk less/more effecttiively for ze same amount of pey.
  7. Actually, it's not that easy for the illegals right now either. From what I understand...when things are tough for the "Americans" they spend less money on the very products and services that illegals work at providing.

    When you lose your job, for example, you decide that you don't really need a gardener anymore, etc.
  8. I never said that jobs are plentiful. I realize that many good people have lost well-paying jobs during this economic downturn. The point is that there are always ways to earn money for people who have the integrity to work for a living. Opportunity is what made this country great and laziness is what is destroying it. There is rarely a good reason to be unable to earn a living for over 2 years. In that period of time, one could re-train for a new career or move to another part of the country. It is interesting how some able-bodied people are too proud to do lower paying work but not too proud to live off of the government. Personally, I see no logic in your response, only insults.
  9. Dr Pepper,

    What do you do for a living? I'm guessing it's not washing dishes or selling oranges on the corner, right?

    Look, if you were a white collar professional who recently was laid off, would you take a minimum wage job? Would it really help the economy to have a 50 year old MBA from a fortune 500 company mowing lawns? Or should he focus on finding a position equivalent to the one he lost?

    Please, let me know if you've been in these shoes recently. I'm all ears.
  10. DrPepper wrote : ""our politicians have the audicity to name the bill "Americans want to work". They obviously know that we are all idiots""

    We elected them, ergo we ARE idiots!:D
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