20" Monitor $70

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by prox, Mar 19, 2003.

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    what did u buy in the past?
  3. The dot pitch on that monitor is pretty bad, but that is a good price if someone doesn't mind that.
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    I bought a refurb Sony Trinitron .25 17" a couple of years ago..

    still working flawlessly..

    just ordered a 20" Sony off them today for 109
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    If you have to pay the shipping cost, these used monitors are about $115 to $125 each depending on where you live. The dot pitch , scan rate and max resolution is borderline. It may well prove to be hard on your eyes.

    You can get a new 19" Viewsonic flat screen with a 3 year warranty and for about $200 in many stores.

    0.21mm horizontal dot pitch
    0.25mm diagonal dot pitch

    1600x1200 maximum resolution
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    Can't say I would ever buy another Viewsoic, all 3 that I have used turned out to be terrible.
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    I have two and both have been great. I think the lower end ones may be worse. I also have a few Sony monitors and, to my surprise, the Viewsonics are actually better. (One of my Viewsonics has a Trinitron tube).

    Did you use the Viewsonic warranty for the problems you had?
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    Two of the viewsonics I have are the VG175's, cost me ~$800 each more than a year ago. Haven't wanted to shell out shipping costs yet to get them fixed. The 3rd Viewsoic I owned was a CRT, I think I paid about $350 for it. Returned it when I couldn't get the display to be clear.

    I worked for a computer networking manufacturer so I understand about defect rates due to various issues. But when I have 3 items (purchased at different timeframes) that don't work properly from one manufacturer and that I paid decent money for, I have to come to a conclusion that their products aren't worth it. Too many other good companies / products out there. My Sony Trinitron's work great...
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    I'm sorry you had so many problems with those monitors. I was referring to the CRTs and not the LCDs. If I had your experience I would have come to the same conclusion. Since I have had very good luck with the Viewsonic CRTs I have and think they were a very good value, I'd still buy them in the future if the need arises.

    If I were you, I think I'd go ahead and ship the LCDs back under the 3 year warranty as the weight on those is only about 28 pounds. UPS insured ground would be about $30 per monitor.

    Hope it works out for you.
  10. Viewsonic PS790 (19") and a Matrox card. No problems at all for 3 years and an excellent image. I work in 1600 X 1200 mode all the time.
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