20" LCD with 1920x1200 resolution

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by fastpenny, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. I am looking for these kind of monitors. I got the 24" dells, but they are too big and heavy for travelling. the only LCD that is samller than 24" and has 1920x1200 is my Dell notebook's 17" LCD, which I like it a lot.

    Any one out there knows where to find these lcds?
  2. jho


    I've never seen a 20" with 1920x1200, as far as I know they don't exist.
  3. i've been looking around, could not find them either. wondering when they will come out?
  4. They probably won't.... would need a smaller pixel, and it's not being made currently (except for notebooks like yours). No reason to presume it will be in the future.
  5. gr8stock