20% in Los Angeles County receive public aid

Discussion in 'Economics' started by lolatency, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-welfare22-2009feb22,0,4377048.story

    "Erlinda Romero waits to be called at a CalWorks office in Rancho Dominguez. The mother of four said she has been applying for jobs and trained to become a medical clerk, but she added: “I can’t get a callback.”"

    Makes me sick. Mother of four? I'm libertarian, but we need to start capping the number of kids to two -- either tax the kids past 2, or cap the amount of welfare beyond two. (Ideally, no welfare at all -- why cap births if people can pay for them?) Four is just ridiculous. She's stealing from everyone else.

    Look how crooked the LA Times reporting is. Just who do they think lives in East LA and Lancaster? Yeah, "disadvantaged minorities", and I'd be willing to bet a good chunk of them aren't legal. LA Times won't tell you that, and that's why their circulation is going straight to the toilet.
  2. I'm all for forced sterilization. The right-wing religious nuts will never go for it, though. Can't get them to go for abortion, either. They rather just bitch about welfare.
  3. I'd be for it if such a program were run by God and/or angels. I don't trust the government with those kinds of decisions; however, I do think it's fair to limit resources to two kids tops -- any beyond that, and they are going to have to create their own churches and run their own show.

    Besides, they pretty much invented HIV/AIDS to kill black people [according to guys like Horowitz, who graduated from Harvard]. Do we really need the government coming up with more population managment programs?
  4. If the program were run by God and/or angels, poverty wouldn't exist. Unfortunately, it's just normal, flawed human beings running things, so I say we take action with our own hands and end the cycle—or at least slow it down some.