20 Economic Facts That Will Make You Very Angry

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  1. That's too bad isn't it. Barney Frank and his Democrat chronies aren't in jail! [​IMG]
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  2. The Democrats and unions have priced the American worker from being competitive. Hence the export of jobs, which continued under Obama-Pelosi-Reid. [​IMG]

    (The rest of that crap above is leftist propaganda. I don't need to debunk each one.)
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  3. so if american workers would just shut up and work for 30cents an hour like the chineese do everything would be solved. brilliand
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    Still, Uggggggg.....

    Why are we the only one of God's creatures that needs toilet paper anyway.
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  6. We got, like, principles, or something.
    Also, old corn cobs are a bit rough...
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