20 Economic Facts That Will Make You Very Angry

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  2. And not one financial terrorist that brought this upon us has been brought to justice. S&L scandal had over 1000 indictments and many prison sentences. This little hustle on the American people has yet to bring one jail sentence. I guess it's understandable. They only brought down the economies of the entire world, thereby destroying the lives of tens, if not hundreds of millions of lives.
  3. "...9 percent less toilet paper in a typical package of Scott toilet paper"

    the insanity must stop now!
  4. I say close the Wall Street and round them all up.

  5. Now that the republicans control the house, we can count on them to subpoena in the corporate raiders and bring them to justice...right?

  6. Most Americans buy Toilet paper by the roll anyway. If there is more toilet paper on a brand with 8 rolls than another brand with 12 rolls, most will buy the 12 rolls. I'm pretty anal about buying Toilet paper(pun intended) I always check the price per sq. ft to get the best deal. You wouldnt believe that some toilet paper actually costs 100% more for the same amount
  7. This recession: I've cut back on going to the bathroom 20%.
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    Remind me NEVER to go to your house. I hate that hard paper toilet paper like you find at the airport. It's like wiping your ass with some kids homework.
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    Wait till the real inflation kicks in. You'll have to cut back 50% and that's going to make you grumpy most the time.
  10. Why not create a second US electronic currency that is backed by gold and tied to a person or organization's electronic identity (Accessible by web, phone, smart card etc.).

    Our Federal Reserve Currency is a bit of a banking sham... But do let it continue with congress spending trillions of dollars. Let the inner circle trade in these zimbabweish inflated dollars and use and abuse various tax schemes to squeeze what ever the political favor of the day.

    Let people use an alternative preferred e.dollar backed by gold in a system that is outside of our Govt control.. ie. Swiss or even a Chinese or Indian Managed transaction network. Get all retailers onboard using this system as a universal stored value system.

    No credit card fees for the merchants, instantaneous settlement, not subject to seizure under the patriot act... Not a Credit Card... A real tangible stored value based system.

    If our Govt pawns get their fingers in it they will only continue to rob peter to pay paul. e-Gold looked good for a while until the feds shut them down.
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