$20 billion injected to primary dealers

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  2. I thought we had a free market?

    Let the chips fall where they may, Mother Russia.
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    Free Market???

  4. Here's the problem with guy's posting "data' they don't understand. Don't take this wrong "2000" but you don't exactly strike me as a knowledgeable observer of the Fed's open market operations. :p

    There's been no acceleration of Fed repurchases since Feb.27.

    In other words the Fed is not defending stocks.

    The Fed has been defending any sub-prime fallout for several weeks.


    Because the Fed exists on behalf of the banks.

    I know pseudo-intellectual ET'ers just love to expound on banking-9/11 conspiracies. I suggest moving to a nation with an underdeveloped banking system. Imagine the blissful freedom of living somewhere that has no credit. Real Estate is nice and cheap because there's no mortgages, cars are inexpensive because everyone is driving 1981 Yugo's and restaurants are giving away meals since no patron has a bank issued credit card.
    Of course wages only run several dollars a day but that's a small price to pay when one seeks liberty from those evil, imperialistic bankers! :D
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    the lastest batch last until
    Maturity Date: Thursday, March 29, 2007
    hm... wonder what are they going to after that date.
  6. Take a vacation there and live LIKE A KING!!