20" and up laptops - what are the choices?

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  1. Thanks for the links. That Acer looks more and more attractive, especially with a $200 price tag.

    BTW I saw the original posts and here are the answers:

    1. I do not absolutely need the 20", but it would allow me to streamline my trading. I like taking my time getting new gadgets, after all it is not scalping.

    2. As for feeling sorry for my boss. He is a dimwit and is my superior because of who he knows not because of what he does. He sees my DOM and graphs on my current laptop every day and is just too slow to catch on. However, he is intelligent (for a lack of better description) to know that I do my job in a satisfactory matter. Trust me when I state that he has had his share of incompetent asswipes who laughed at his jokes and were mentally sucking his balls, yet could not hack it otherwise and had to be replaced. Plus doing the same shit for close to 14 years, you would think I now know how to complete my tasks efficiently. However, to make you feel better, I am considering saying bye bye to my jefe come January. I have enough money to swing "big dicks size" contracts after selling my bachelor's pad in the city and all I have to do is make a decision as to whether this is what I want.

    Thanks for the ideas.
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  2. I have always had exceptional value in Dell, You can get a good deal from buying a refurb or previously ordered from their outlet, if you are value orientated.... didn't intend to submit my previous post, with the negativity... so many trolls on this site, hard to tell when people are serious... no offense intended... congratulations on your timely liquidation of Real Estate...
    Good luck and safe trading to you
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  3. I looked a Dell and it is not laptop looking enough. So far that $2K Acer is the favorite one. I also found this company which looks promising.


    the price is 2.7 + tax but they are 10 minutes away from my base.
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