20" and up laptops - what are the choices?

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    1. Since when trading full time means beng there from 9:30 to 4PM? be that as it may, I do find enough time to trade full time. Just check my posts on ES Journal.
    My job allows me to have my laptop on all the time and as long as it s not xxx material, nobody would notice that I am trading.

    2. I have tried a lot of approaches to get where I am. I am glad your first attempt at being profitable was successful.

    3. I see my boss maybe twice a day, it is the nitwits and assholes who i work with that I have to look out for. BTW. I have 150 people under my direct supervision,and they all would love to be in my place, hence the caution.

    4. I think 20" notebooks are too expensive comparatively speaking. The premium is at least 1.5K over a 17" and that basically pays for a bigger monitor and nothing more. So in a way it is a rip off. Case in point: it is relatively easy to find a $700 17" laptop. However, the least expensive 20" is $2500. I hope you can spot the difference.

    5. I have had a 17" for 2 years now.

    6. I can make money with the tools that I have but it is time to upgrade and this is where the 20 incher comes up. Try to keep up sport.

    However, if you really want to make this interesting let's get together, and whatever I make in a week you double. Whatever I give back to the market I double. Example:I make $5000 a week you come up with extra $10.000. If I give to the market $5000 at the end of the week, I will pay you 10K.


    Let me know if you got the balls or it is just pimples. Step up or shut up! :D :D :D
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  2. Tums


    You can always play this game with your pal Trader28. You will win for sure. LOL.
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  3. Chicken! Afraid to let go of all your trading capital.

    BTW. I had a good day TH. Made a bit over 5K. Friday was slow only 1K....

    Let me know if you are up to the challenge. :D :D :D
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  4. timvodas


    The previous poster has a point. You dont need an expensive setup if all you want to do is paper-trade. Its fun playing the part of a Wall Street trader, but dont go overboard. Just my opinion.
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  5. I never said I want an expensive laptop. I NEED a 20 inch screen to trade. Since I must use a laptop to trade (explanation already givenat the start of this thread), then the only option is a 20 inch laptop which only comes in one flavor: expensive. Is this so far easy to follow and logical?

    Funny, you mentioned playing, since my first introduction to the stock market was via a sim called "Wall $treet Raider" loooong time ago. Nifty little game and it was shareware to boot. I think it is still around floating on the shareware boards.
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  6. Tums


    I don't think you would blink if you could rake in $5k on a half decent day.
    You have so much trading "ability", you could even pull in $1k on a dead day !!!

    You have a full time job in charge of 150 people in NYC. That should pay you some serious dole. Your wife is making good money (you said it in another thread). Therefore your trading profit is all bonus.

    Expensive? Everything is relative man.
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  7. timvodas


    I have given up trying to deduct ET logic a long time ago. Everyone is a successful trader where they make thousands each day yet they have to post long extensive threads on which laptop they have to get.

    Look, if your really making that much money then why do you have to sit here all day long wondering which computer to get. Just hit Circuit City and grab the fastest one around and load it up with memory. In fact, hire one of those "geek squad" guys and have him do it.

    Coming on here and wondering aloud which laptop to get only demonstrates that your strapped for cash.
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  8. Only one way to find out. My offer stands. Just make sure you bring your part of the loot.

    I never said I was trading because I was lacking $$$$, but spending money foolishly is not my forte either.

    Now, if you have anything to say about 20 inch laptops, please continue. Otherwise, tune out. :D
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  9. Like I said to the other fella: let's talk about 20 inch laptops. I am not here to illustrate my trading skills. So any other offers, leads, ideas and places where I can find a 20" laptop?
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  10. Dell
    best buy
    Cnet http://reviews.cnet.com/4566-3121_7-0.html?filter=500140_11628744_&tag=dffl3_2 (search 20' laptop / review/ sort by price/ withdraw credit card....)
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