20" and up laptops - what are the choices?

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  1. hpq makes some awesome notebooks, as does sony... those are two primary companies, I haven't bought a Dell laptop in awhile. Apple is pretty cool.

    I would stick with namebrand companies, a Sony I bought wouldnt fire up after a week of use, I was able to exchange it for a new one just by walking into the store.

    I have 4 fired up during trading hours. Another couple are in the bathrooms, or next to the bed.
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  2. The problem is that very few companies offer 20+ inch laptops Sony included. Also, ever since my brand new (5 week old) babied $1000+ camcorder just died on me while vacationing on Cook Island and Tahiti, I swore never to buy SONY products.

    Also, I was under the impression that SAGAR is a very reputable company.
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  3. I looked at HP and I did not like the design of it.
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  4. you can also hook up your laptop to wall projector, or second screen....
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  5. How about one of those sexy Apple Laptops running Windows for trading ?

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  6. No cannot do. I trade from work where laptops are very common, putting a projector will make my superiors pay too attention to my "work"and that is what I am trying to avoid. As I stated before (I love quoting myself :D :D :D ):

    "Laptop even a 20 incher would camouflage my intentions enough to direct my superiors everlasting hovering tendencies somewhere else." :D
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  7. Stating that I hate Apples would be an understatement and this is coming from somebody who started learning basic programing on Apple in the mid 80's. Also, Apple does not build 20 inchers ... as of yet.
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  8. No Sax, tell me how you REALLY feel :)

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  9. OK, you asked for it! FUCK APPLE!!! :D
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  10. So far, I am tilting toward Sager, but still searching. So if there is anything else out there please let me know.
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