20" and up laptops - what are the choices?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by saxon22, Sep 6, 2007.

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  4. where to get those
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  5. link provided in thread above.
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  6. Show me a 20" notebook with a better processor for more or less the same amount of $$$$ (notebook that looks like a notebook that is), and I will jump on it.
    Moreover, for trading ES T2600 is more than adequate. I am doing it ona celeron processor and no hick ups whatsoever.
    Of course, the extra power is always welcome but core 2 duo for trading futures is like delivering pizza using a Ferrari as a mode of transportation.

    BTW. Any other 20 inchers out there?
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  7. How do you carry something like this around? I know that a 20" laptop is heavy and bulky, but this set up takes the cake.
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  8. Thank you trader7. I like the machine a lot. It is not super expensive and the price is right. I have heard about this company as being very good, is this stillthe case?

    However, I also like the Acer's offering. Wonder which one is better as far as reliability is concerned? Any info on that guys?
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