20" and up laptops - what are the choices?

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  1. Time has come to replace my aging laptop and pass it along to my better half. I would like to get something bigger than the current 17 incher since I trade both from work and home. Also 17" does not provide enough space to have my graphs, DOM and of course ET opened at the same time. I want something that looks like a laptop so Dell's model is out of the question. I do not mind extra bulk and weight since my walking commute is about 100 feet to the garage and another 100 feet to get to the elevator at work. As far as price is concerned, I would like to stay under 3K + tax 3.5 + tax being the absolute maximum.

    So what is out there??????

    BTW. I do not play games. I trade futures exclusively.

    Awaiting your ideas/recommendations.
  2. I like what I see except for that hedious silver part, very unlike laptop. thanx for the link! :D
  3. Tums


    try this

    <img src="http://www.techchee.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/06/three-screened-laptop-07062007.jpg">
  4. Not a bad setup. Unfortunately, I need to bring this baby to my place of work and the look is not very conspicuous. I need to blend in with the rest of the drones and 3 monitor set up ain't gonna cut it. Laptop even a 20 incher would camouflage my intentions enough to direct my superiors everlasting hovering tendencies somewhere else.
  5. That's a Dolch setup.
  6. Any other suggestions?
  7. Tums, what's the name/make of that multiscreen notebook?
  8. Maybe you might look here:


    I personally like my Dell units, but this one was a little too big for my airport travel considerations. And here's your price point:


    And I always like to provide an option or two:




  9. For some reason Dell does not do it for me. It looks too much like a regular desktop and as a result, it is a no go.
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