20.1" Lcd $749.25

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ARogueTrader, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. just21


    The 2001 is the new model that was only available with an xps desktop until recently. Very good price.
  2. it's not a "very good price".. decent price but not "very good"
  3. Sweet! But I already have 3 19" LCDs...don't think I can justify getting a 20.1". It would look damn cool though :D

  4. tango29


    better 4 19" or 3 20" lcds. Could get 4 of the Dell 19" for a little less.
  5. I would rather have 3 20.1" LCDs.

  6. exactly
  7. not me
  8. tango29


    If either of you have a moment could you explain why you would like the one option over the other? Right now I have 2 smaller 17" lcds, and a couple crts, and would like to go bigger, and better for that matter.
    Thank you
  9. what's to say... FOUR 19" a lot more real estate than three 20" for LESS $$. you do the math :-/
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